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Braces & Cryotherapy
A variety of braces are available for use in selective sporting activities and as part of treatment modality. A variety of knee braces for anterior knee pain, patella-tracking problems, post-operative knee braces and custom knee sports braces are available for prescription from the practice.

These braces are all imported from the United States and carefully chosen for a specific purpose and are quite different from those available over the counter and sports shops.

Many clinical problems affecting the upper and lower limbs are amenable to correction, to a certain extent, by these braces. Braces are currently available for the following conditions – tennis elbow, tendinitis of the wrist and thumb, carpal tunnel, knee instability, patellar tendinitis, patellar instability, medial collateral ligament injuries, ankle instability, plantar fasciitis or heel pain, flat foot disorders and back and neck problems.

Patients with acute back pain and prolapsed discs can be treated with a variety of back supports and exercises balls.

Synthetic plaster cast in the form of lightweight and waterproof materials are used in the immobilization of limbs following injury.

Cold therapy or the use of ice is generally a good practice after any acute injury or immediately following surgery.

Post-operatively, in general, all patients are prescribed with a cryotherapy unit. The cryotherapy unit comes with a sterile application pad, a cooler box to contain the ice and water, a power supply cable and a pump with a connector for the cryotherapy pad. The cooler box needs to be filled with three-quarter ice and one-quarter water till the level marked. The pump with the connector is submerged below the level of the water line in the cooler box. Otherwise water may not circulate adequately resulting in appropriate circulating temperature.

The unit once assembled will function in the temperature range of around 0 to 3 degrees, which can be adjusted with the help of a controlled knob. The pad needs to be plugged on to the pump unit for adequate flow of the water, which goes in through one tube and returns via another tube so that there is adequate and constant circulation of fluid. Once filled the cooler box can maintain the temperature for about six to eight hours. The lid of the cooler box must be adequately shut to maintain the temperature and prevent rapid melting of the ice cubes.

The unit comes with a bag for easy transportation and storage. The unit is usually prescribed to the patient for about  a week.

It is recommended that the cryotherapy be applied to the affected limb for about an hour at a time. Typically 6-8 hours is recommeded per day. Caution should be exercised when using the cryotherapy unit and it is generally advisable to turn off the machine while asleep. Oversue may result in circulatory problems such as frostbite and skin changes. If you are uncertain about the effects you should contact your doctor for advise.

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